Type B Personality | By Hela Sheth

Hi. So it's been a minute since my last post. Sorry. Baby L is growing like a weed. She's got four teeth (and her biting is no fun). Still working. Still pumping. Still trying to do a relatively decent job with all of it. As a (now formerly) Type A personality, it's a lot to take in.

But, I had a revelation today. I don't think I'm a Type A personality anymore. I'm like a Type B+ personality now, maybe even B-. And it's okay. Really. 

Not everything has to be perfect. I'm not going to be able to keep up with the news, sports, this blog as much as I'd like to. I'm not going to be able to keep everything clean and together. I've got to let loose a little bit more personally and professionally. And it's okay. 

Because that little girl is my everything. My whole world. And if she's okay and happy, then so am I. 

Feeding Westley - Baby-Led Weaning | By Evan Davis


When Westley turned 6 months old and was sitting up straight and acting interested in food, I started feeding him solids. I loathed the idea of feeding our baby separately from us. I wanted mealtimes to be a family affair. So I started feeding Westley with a method called "Baby-Led Weaning," which basically means skipping the purees all together and feeding him whole, soft foods from the start. It turns out that so many other mothers do this, but they just didn't have a name for it. They do it because it works for them, or because their baby just grabbed food off of mama's plate and started eating it. Either way, it's the best thing ever. I never once had to puree food or fight with Westley so that I could shove a spoon into his mouth. BLW is all about letting the baby be in control of what they are eating. It is a truly amazing experience to see a 7 month old pick up a whole banana and eat it. I mean, really. And bonus! Westley could eat WITH us, as a family. 

The theory behind BLW is simple - why spoon feed babies and teach them to swallow before they learn to chew? Isn't that counter intuitive? With BLW, littles get to touch their food, play with it, smash it, and ultimately decide to put it in their mouth, gum it or chew it, and then swallow. The key is to always let the baby be in control of what goes into his or her mouth and to trust that they will figure it out.

It's certainly messy. And it's most definitely not for the faint of heart. There is a lot of gagging in the beginning and you have to just sit back and let your little one work it out for themselves. I won't lie - the first couple of weeks were really difficult for me. Drew didn't even like to be in the same room with Westley while he was eating for at least a month. Even through all of that, I would do it again and again for future babies, no question. I would just maybe hold off on certain foods that I experimented with on Westley for a little while (re: spinach, hamburger meat).

If BLW is something that interests you, I highly encourage you to read the book by Gill Rapley. She also has agreat blog with recipes and other info, but I never needed a recipe. I just cooked baby-friendly versions of whatever we were eating (basically, no salt). You can do it! Or better yet, your BABY can do it! 

This post was first published on The Davis Diaries

Welcome to the mom club | By Hela Sheth

I was walking home from work today and I had a revelation. I love being a mom. Yep -- I like kids now, even kids that aren't my own.

I realized this as I was smiling when I saw the moms walking by with kids in strollers. I now gaze at the kids and smile at the moms too, as if to say, "I totally get it."

It's one of those things that you can't understand until you've actually been through it.  But I'm now a proud member of Club Mom!

Eating...sort of... | By Hela Sheth

So we have started feeding L purees. Or we have tried to anyway. Most of the food ends up in her neck rolls unfortunately. This feeding thing is hard! I spend time buying fruits and veggies for her, then pureeing them in the Magic Bullet, and then sitting her in her high chair hoping that she will eat. But she's not really getting the hang of it. She will allow me to put a spoonful or two in her mouth, but then she pushes it out with her tongue (the extrusion reflex, I'm told) or just pushes my hands away, resulting in a sticky mess and a frustrated momma.

We've tried all kinds of foods (she seems like Gujarati food best, believe it or not), but it's typically the same results. I've heard about baby led weaning, but curious to hear if anyone has any other tips or stories to help with the feeding?

A second a day from birth video | By Hela Sheth

I thought that writing letters to L was cool, but this is amazing. Sam Cornwell and his wife took video every single day of their son, Indigo, up to his first birthday. They then took one second from each day and compiled into a video. What a beautiful testament to the joy of being a parent. I totally teared up when watching this.

Love Letters | By Hela Sheth

This week I started writing letters to L. Lately, I've been overcome with emotion about how fast she is growing up, and I wanted to find a way to tell her how much she means to me. So I've been writing a few lines each night in the evening so that when she gets older, I can share these letters with her. 

Writing these letters also helps me to freeze time. I can barely remember what I did a few hours ago and so when I just re-read the letter I wrote on Sunday night (via Google Docs), I'm able to recall a special memory that would otherwise fade away. 

Time goes by so quickly. Anyone else doing anything of this sort? I'd love to hear about it.

Good read for working moms | By Hela Sheth

Every mom I know should read this article by Sarah Lacy, the editor of tech blog PandoDaily. In the post, Lacy writes about her experience as a working entrepreneur and the often surprising amount of support she has found along her journey.

I must say that I've had somewhat of a similar experience. I've got a fantastic employer that has been so supportive of my new mom needs, going so far as to create a new and comfortable lactation room for me. I've got a husband who does more than his fair share of cleaning, changing diapers, spending time with L, being there for every single one her doctor appointments and so much more. Heck, he would even micromanage my breastfeeding...."I think you need to hold her this way for a better latch." And, I've found that I am running into moms, who both work and are taking time off from working, that are more than happy to help out however they can, including watching the baby if we ever need it. All of this has been wonderful, especially since the family isn't close by.

I'm happy that there is more of a conversation about working moms. There have been many moms before me that have paved the way for this to be the case. So thank you to those moms for wanting it all and not settling for anything less.

Peanut butter poop | By Hela Sheth

Yep. I seriously just typed in the following to Google: "peanut butter poop." Words I never thought I would say in the same sentence.

Baby L is experiencing some changes in her poop so wanted to doublecheck and make sure it seems normal. Looks like it's totally fine. Just another thing to ask the pediatrician for her six month appointment!